For successful Helichrysum oil production in Croatia you need a lot of permits, licenses, contracts and approovals from the authorities. Next, you need to get all the documents necessary for the analysis, proof of natural origin, transport and so on. Only when the plant reaches its mature state (in the first days of June), the harvest campaign can start across the whole Dalmatia, from sea to Bosnian border, and from Dubrovnik to Istria and some larger islands. Oil is made on few locations, because of the great area we are covering. We have a large network of our permanent harvesters for many different plants and in almost every part of Croatia. Most of them are with us for 15 years, and that means a lot of trust to all of us. Through the whole year, besides members of family, we employ few people, but when Helichrysum campaign is running, we employ up to 25 people for buying, transport and production, and we have over 700 harvesters, mostly whole families. During the campaign, harvesters and employees start working at 4.00 in the morning, and they usually finish around midnight. Production doesn’t stop, it is working 24 hours a day for 60-70 days. It is all done in the summer, during extreme temperatures, sometimes even over 40°C (highest temperature was on July, 30th in Obruč, 44°C), and inside the truck a lot more. After campaign we all have a 3-4 week break. Other part of campaighn starts in the October and lasts almost until Christmas, if the weather conditions allow. Our buyers are big, world-known companies, and we are still increasing the amount of produced oil. Most important is that buying of herbs, production and selling of oil is done by us, family members, and our people, who have become like family members during the years. We want Croatian Helichrysum italicum oil to become a well-known name in the world of essential oils. We are thankful to our mother nature that we have Everlasting, one and only, immortal flower-Helichrysum, or any other name you want to use.