Helichrysum italicum (Roth)G Don oil, from wild grown plant is core business and main product of Jukić family. Besides that we also produce six more different types of essential oils, fifteen species of Tea plant and ten kinds of herbs.

Essential oils that we produce are: helichrysum italicum, thuja occidentalis, juniperi communis, laurus nobilis, salvia officinalis, saturea montana, abies alba and pinus nigra.

We also produce part of our products as BIO products.

We are the leading producers of  wild grown helichrysum in Balkan.

Co-owners of the company are all grown-up members of our family: Kata Jukić, Jerko Jukić ( soon to be Master of agronomy), Franko Jukić (also soon to be Master of agronomy) and Kata’s husband Sretan Jukić, who has been working in this profession his whole life, and for the last  18 years he has been working exclusively in the production of essential oils,  mostly helichrysum.


A little bit about us:

Kata was born in Croatian province Slavonia. She spent her childhood  in  a place called Račinovci near Županja. At the beginning of her schooling she moves to Zagreb, spending her summer vacations working on agricultural jobs at her Grandma’s place. After she has finished her High school she started working in textile industry which collapsed at the beginning of the war in 1991.

Sretan was born in a village Bitelić. He spent his childhood keeping sheeps and cows, milking them, making cheese and butter, collecting wild -grown plants – dog rose, heather and others and selling them. He has also worked on other agricultural jobs like mowing the grass, collecting hay, working in his vineyard, brokeing firewood, … He went to school in Bitelić and Sinj. He quits Chemical technology College after his first year and goes to Zagreb, in search for a better life. That’s where he meets Kata in 1989.

The first flower which Kata recived from Sretan, when she arrived  in Bitelić in 1989. was, accidentally or not, helichrysum.

At the start of the War they were working  with thread wholesale. That’s when Jerko and Franko were born and Kata lost her job. Sretan went to Homeland War and stayed there until it was finished. In 1999. Sretan starts field work  in collecting wild-grown plants for the manufacture of essential oils. At the same time he starts producing essential oils. He grows his business as OPG Sretan Jukić and later on as HELICHRYSUM obrt. His sons have been included in harvesting, collecting and buying wild-grown plants since they were little kids, and now they are studying Agronomy with the aim to continue the family business.

Also, we must say that we live in Hrastje Plešivičko near Jastrebarsko and the business that we do is placed 100-500km from that place.

We have built our own manufacturing plants for producing essential oils and we are the leading producers of helichrysum essential oil in Balkan.